Migrating to AWS CDK v2 - the missing GO manual

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I like using GO, so I use AWS CDK in the new GO flavour also.

AWS has now released the AWS CDK v2 and nicely documented how to upgrade TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Java and C#.

See AWS Docu.

The GO part is missing ...

Trying cdk ls on a GO CDK app will get you:

cdk ls
This CDK CLI is not compatible with the CDK library used by your application. Please upgrade the CLI to the latest version.
(Cloud assembly schema version mismatch: Maximum schema version supported is 9.0.0, but found 10.0.0)

Here is the fix:

1 - Change AWS CDK import

 import (

-       "github.com/aws/aws-cdk-go/awscdk"
+       "github.com/aws/aws-cdk-go/awscdk/v2"

2 - Change construct imports

   import (
-       "github.com/aws/aws-cdk-go/awscdk"
-       "github.com/aws/aws-cdk-go/awscdk/awsssm"
+       "github.com/aws/aws-cdk-go/awscdk/v2"
+       "github.com/aws/aws-cdk-go/awscdk/v2/awsssm"

3 Change Constructs Programming Model import:

   import (

-       "github.com/aws/constructs-go/constructs/v3"
+       "github.com/aws/constructs-go/constructs/v10"

4 - delete some feature flags in cdk.json

E.g. if you get

panic: "Unsupported feature flag '@aws-cdk/core:enableStackNameDuplicates'. This flag existed on CDKv1 but has been removed in CDKv2. CDK will now behave as the same as when the flag is enabled."

Delete the line in cdk.json

5 - Update to new modules

go mod tidy

6 - Pinpoint cdk version

Instead of installing cdk globally (npm i cdk -g) you may use a specific version of the cdk with

Without prior installation.

7 - Use aws sdk pointer building instead of jsii

Instead of

    cluster := ecs.NewCluster(stack, jsii.String("ALBFargoECSCluster"),...


    cluster := ecs.NewCluster(stack, 
aws.String("ALBFargoECSCluster"), ...

With the import of


Here I GO again

That fixed it for me!

Hope this will help you.

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