There's a New VS Code Sass Compiler in Town

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Sass has been a part of my workflow for years. The fact that it allows me to write nested CSS is sufficient enough reason for me to install it, although I use it for more than that.

Back when I first started with Sass, CSS variables weren't a thing, so I used SCSS for that too.

At the time, I used a combination of CodeKit, a well-maintained app that also includes up-to-date vendor prefixing. However, that meant opening two apps ( CodeKit and SublimeText ) for every coding session.

Now that I'm learning JavaScript and React, I see that 'everyone' is using VS Code. For a while, I resisted and started using SublimeText 4 (beta). I'm a little embarrassed by my disloyalty, but I have finally succumbed to the new-geek-toy pressure and have made the switch to VS Code.

While exploring SASS compiler options for VS Code, the articles and videos I found kept leading me to Live Sass Compiler by Ritwick Dey. This compiler also installs an extension called Live Server. The installation went smoothly and I set up my .scss files.

I use partials to organize my CSS. Partials, which hold smaller segments of the CSS, are stored in files that begin with an underscore. For example, _global.scss or _header.scss. They are grouped together in a file using an @ rule, which is then compiled into the CSS file.

Until this morning, I thought I was to use the @import rule that I've always used, and which compiled to CSS just fine using the extension.

While reviewing Sass's docs, however, I came to find out that they are now offering a proprietory rule called @use instead of @import. It has to do with a relatively new feature called modules... which is a topic for another article.

@use 'typography';
@use 'global';
@use 'layout';
@use 'header';
@use 'nav';
@use 'page';
@use 'footer';

When I tried using the @rule, though, the compiler just copied it straight into the .css file. It did not compile.

Sending out the posse

Support FAQs for Live Sass Compiler are kept in the Issues section of its GitHub repository. Searching for help was greatly hindered by the fact that most of the issues were titled "Extension Issue!" This must be a default title in the GitHub system and is an excellent example of how not to write support issue titles!

I persisted, and by searching and scrolling, finally found an issue called "THIS EXTENSION IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED."

At the time of this writing, only a few weeks have passed since Glenn Marks posted that Issue. He is actively maintaining his own version on the marketplace.

The extension's GitHub repository and FAQs are at I can see that Ritwick Dey is a Contributor so I'm assuming this newer version has his blessing.

I uninstalled both Live Sass Compiler and Live Server without incident. Then I followed Glenn's instruction to install his version by opening the Quick Open palette in VS Code ( cmd+P on a Mac ) and typing

ext install

I happen to be learning the static site generator Hugo right now so I already have a live server environment. Glenn's new version says it comes with a live browser reload feature. Was this going to cause a conflict? With bated breath, I compiled my existing .scss files using the @use rule... and it worked! I've since added more partials and styles and it's still working.

The Bottom Line: Live SASS Compiler by Ritwick Dey is no longer
being maintained. Use the extension by Glenn Marks, who is
maintaining a fork of the original with Ritwick Dey's support. See update in the comments.

I feel gratified to know I can use the latest Sass features and look forward to continuing with my project tomorrow.

Kudos, Glenn! Thank you.


SublimeText is still an awesome code editor. For now, I'm using it as my text editor. It feels like it opens so much easier than others.

I still need to check into vendor prefixing, but I'm not too concerned as most of my client work does not need cutting-edge CSS.

Now is a good time to be catching up with the CSS I've let slide, though. For example, I'm using CSS variables now instead of SCSS variables.